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What is Voki?
Voki is a FREE service that lets you:
  • Create customized avatars.
  • Add voice to your Voki avatars.
  • Post your Voki to any blog, website, or profile.
  • Take advantage of Voki's learning resources.

Voki allows a teacher or student to create SPEAKING avatars and use them as an effective learning tool. Vokis can be used to...
Motivate students to participate in the learning process either at home or in class.
Improve message comprehension by repeating the message any number of times.
Introduce and use technology in a fun way no matter the subject content.
Utilize Voki as an effective language tool including text-to-speech in over 25 languages.

Once created, post your Voki to any blog, website, or profile with a few simple clicks of the mouse.

It's easy to get started. Just click the Voki icon above and create your free account. Then, click the Create tab. What do you have to say?

There are some really good resources on the Learn tab that gives you ideas of how to use this in the classroom. Also look at the Lesson Plans tab. Numerous lesson plans are housed on this page just waiting for you to use them in your classroom.
Do not re-invent the wheel! Use the lesson plans in your classes OR use them to help you create you own!

Some ways that teachers have used Voki in their classroom are...
to introduce a lesson or new concept to students.
to provide instructions that need to be repeated many times.
for students to include in presentations telling information from a different perspective.
to engage your students in creative expressions.
to practice and hear a foreign language.

How will you use Voki in your classroom?

To introduce a lesson

To introduce something Grand!

In conclusion!